BARF Kombimix

BARF Kombimix
 BARF KombimixBARF Kombimix 
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All important nutrients in one

Gives the BARF menu a natural finishing touch.

Product properties:

  • an ideal natural supplement when feeding fresh meat
  • gives the BARF menu a natural finishing touch

Pure natural components:


Omega-3 and Omega-6-essential fatty acids for a shiny coat and better digestion


ß-Glykanes supports the intestinal flora

Seaweed (Ascophyllum):

Minerals, trace elements (a.o. lodine) for a thick, strong coat & vitality


Supplies the body with etherical oils an natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements, bioflavonoids, as a support to the entire body and metabolism and natural health

Algaes (Chlorella & Spriulina):

Essential amino acids, Vitamins (A, B, E), Calcium, Iron, Magnesium for cell support and cleansing of the system


Natural vitamins, pectines and other vital elements for digestion


linseed, rice bran, seaweed (ascophyllum), herbs, algae (spirulina, chlorella), apple powder


crude protein 20.1 %, fat content 12.8 % (unsaturated fatty acids 84.5 %, of which Omega-3-FA* 41.8 %, Omega-6-FA* 16.5 %, Omega-9-FA* 24.7 %), crude fibre 5 %, crude ash 18.8 %, moisture 8.1 %, sodium 1.4 %, magnesium 0.54 %, phosphorus 0.45 %, potassium 1.3 %, calcium 3.8 %

Directions for use:

small dogs up to 5 kg 5 g/day
dogs between 5 kg and 10 kg 10 g/day
dogs between 10 kg and 50 kg 15 g/day
dogs over 50 kg 25 g/day

* FA = fatty acids

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