Garlic Tablets

Garlic Tablets
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Natural protection against fleas and ticks
Natural pure garlic tablets are a protection against fleas and ticks.

Product properties

  • against tick and flea infestation
  • natural protection against parasites
  • supports the body, especially in old age
Dogs and cats that are given garlic on a regular basis will become unattractive to fleas and ticks.

Garlic has a high content of ethereal oils which cover the lactic acid smell of the skin which ticks and fleas need as a trigger mechanism and thus successfully reduce the infestation" (quote from BARF by Swanie Simon, published by DreiHundeNacht).

A daily supplement is important to maintain the desired effect


garlic (Allium sativum L., 95 %), brewers yeast (5 %)

Directions for use:

small dogs 2 tablets daily
medium-sized dogs up to 25 kg 3 – 4 tablets daily
large dogs over 25 kg 5 – 6 tablets daily
horses 10 tablets daily

Through the high purity and naturalness of our garlic only a small quantity of the tablets are necessary
as an additive to the daily food.

To achieve the desired effect, give as a daily supplement over a period of 3 weeks is required.

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