Miezelinos ADULT with Lamb

Miezelinos ADULT with Lamb
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Miezelinos Sensitive Cat Care - This dry complete food meets the highest requirements. Highly digestible sources of protein, selected carbohydrates and a nutrient profile that adapts to your cat's age and requirements guarantee balanced and optimal nutrition.

Product characteristics:

  • with high lamb content
  • easily digestible
  • contains essential salmon oil

Miezelinos ADULT with Lamb  is a delicious change to the menu for demanding cats.
Lamb is readily digestible and is for that reason especially suitable for sensitive cats (coat, gastrointestinal tract).

As the animal proteins contained here originate purely from lamb,

this complete food is particularly suited to cats suffering from feed intolerance.

.The high-quality ingredients ensure excellent acceptance.


meat and animal by-products (exclusively lamb 26 %, meat and internal organs), grain (rice, maize),

oils and fats (pure animal, incl. salmon oil), minerals

Analysis of components:

crude protein 30.0 %, crude oils and fats 10.0 %, crude fibre 2.7 %, crude ash 8.3 %, moisture 7.9 %,

calcium 1.6 %, phosphorus 1.4 %, magnesium 0.13 %

physiological feed additives per kg:

vitamin A 20,000 IU, vitamin D3 2,000 IU, vitamin E 135 mg, taurine 900 mg, iron as iron(II)

sulphate (monohydrate) 400 mg, zinc as zinc sulphate (monohydrate) 180 mg,

manganese as manganese oxide 48 mg, copper as copper(II) sulphate (pentahydrate) 6 mg,

cobalt as cobalt sulphate (heptahydrate) 1.2 mg, iodine as calcium iodate (anhydrous) 1.2 mg, selenium as sodium selenite 0.24 mg

Technological additives:

antioxidant with tocopherol-rich extract of natural origin (natural vitamin E)

Quantity of feed per day:

Weight of the cat                         daily ration
2 to 3 kg                                          30 to 50 g
3 to 4 kg                                          50 to 70 g
4 to 5 kg                                          60 to 80 g
5 to 7 kg                                          80 to 100 g

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