Pigment Plus

Pigment Plus
 Pigment PlusPigment Plus 
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Model:  pigmentplus250ml
Part Number:  1205
Brand:  Grau


Elderberry juice, highly concentrated

A nasal plane with clear pigmentation, black eye rims and dark upper lips are breed characteristics

and are a decisive part of the whole facial expression of the dog.

With the aid of these natural colouring agents from the elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.)

it is easy to effectively support the genetically present pigmentation.

Product properties

  • liquid
  • pure, carefully divided elderberry juice
The juice of the elderberry is rich in vitamins A & C and therefore supports the corresponding active ingredient in the food.

The plant colourants contained in elderberry juice (anthocyanins, flavonoids) in combination with the naturally high iron content also influences the dark pigmentation of hairless areas of the skin such as the nasal plane, upper lips and eye rims.


elderberry juice (concentrated, carefully prepared)

Analytical ingredients:

crude protein 1.2 %, fat content 0.1 %, crude fibre 0.1 %, crude ash 3.5 %, moisture 95 %

Directions for use:

small dogs 5 ml daily
medium-sized dogs 10 ml daily
large dogs 15 – 20 ml daily

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