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Ideal for sensitive stomachs!

This active moor naturally supports the whole gastrointestinal tract.

It is an unchanged natural product- it has a semi-fluid consistancy,

being exclusively composed of organic substances from archetypal plants

that converted into moor due to a biological degredation process.

The vital substances contained in Sanofor

  • support gastro-intestinal activity
  • ensure a vital intestinal mucous membrane and intestinal flora
  • neutralises excessive gastric acid
  • supports blood formation (high iron content, 400 mg/kg)
  • can reduce eating of faeces and scavenging
This natural moor consists of an organic substance from primordial plants. It supports the gastro-intestinal tract in a natural way – even while neutralising excessive gastric acid.

This reduces hyperacidity of the stomach. Sanofor supports the intestine to excrete hard-to-digest food components with the faeces and revitalises the intestinal flora, especially after nutrition-related disorders (e.g. antibiotics or de-worming treatment).

An intact, perfectly working intestine is the basis of vitality and life quality and the best possible outer appearance.


pure natural moor, natural ligno-cellulosic (0.5 %)

Analytical ingredients:

crude protein 0.8 %, crude fat 0 %, crude fibre 1 %, crude ash 0.6 %, moisture 91 %

This liquid moor product does not contain any additives; it is natural, extremely rich in content, and superior in its effectiveness.

Direction for use:

small dogs 1 teaspoon daily
medium-sized dogs 2 teaspoons daily
large dogs 1 tablespoon daily
cats and rodents ½ teaspoon daily


Please do not store the product in the fridge and protect it against frost.

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