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 **CORONAVIRUS UPDATE*** Due to the current situation we are facing delays and restrictions with incoming deliveries and outgoing orders.

We are also trying to operate with minimum amount of staff.

During this time stock levels on our website may not be accurate . So if there is a product that is showing out of stock .

Please contact us at or call 0333 344 6540 to check if stock is available or if we can offer an alternative.

Please be patient , we will try our best to help during this difficult time.

Stay safe

Kevin & Mary

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Hokamix Mobility (Joint +) Powder

Hokamix Mobility (Joint +) PowderFrom:  £50.00

HOKAMIX  Mobility (Joint +) Powder
Herbal mixture in powder form, optimizes Joint movement

First Aid Box

First Aid Box£38.70

First Aid Box

Basic Dog Care - Schlemmertopf Mixed Tray

Basic Dog Care - Schlemmertopf Mixed TrayFrom:  £37.00

Mixed-Tray Basic Dog Care Schlemertopf

K1 Miracle Coat

K1 Miracle CoatFrom:  £32.00


K1 Miracle Coat

Elderberry Pills

Elderberry PillsFrom:  £30.00

Elderberry Pills

Hokamix Mobility (Joint +) Tablets

Hokamix Mobility (Joint +) TabletsFrom:  £30.00

Hokamix Joint Plus Tablets

Rice Mix with Vegetables

Rice Mix with VegetablesFrom:  £30.00

Premium-Mix Rice Mix with Vegetables

Hokamix Tablets

Hokamix TabletsFrom:  £12.50

Hokamix Tablets

Best Seller
Hokamix Derma (Forte)

Hokamix Derma (Forte)From:  £26.00


Hokamix Derma (Forte)

Grau Excellence SENIOR with poultry

Grau Excellence SENIOR with poultryFrom:  £25.00

Grau Excellence SENIOR with poultry

Best Seller
Hokamix Skin & Shine

Hokamix Skin & ShineFrom:  £25.00

Hokamix Skin & Shine


VelcoteFrom:  £24.50



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Page 1 of 7:    83 Items
Featured Reviews
Great Service
Monday, 20 July 2020  |  Barbara

Thanx very much for your services/ efforts and the friendly communications to get fresh product delivered during this challenging times.
Stay save!

Works well
Wednesday, 30 October 2019  |  Ulrike

I own a 16-month-old Newfoundland, a breed that is prone to skin problems, who has been having eczema and dermatitis on and off for the last year of so. I started giving him Hokamix, a product my mother already swore by, and which I already used on his predecessor who started to have very dry skin and skin ulcers when he got old, and it works as usual. The eczema and rashes have started to clear by themselves without the help of steroids or antibiotics. The only downside is that they really don't like the taste of it.

Customer Feedback

Thank you for supplying me with my first order from your company 

The product is amazing and the service by your company

was outstanding and will definitely be reordering 

I will definitely be recommending yourselves to others 

Many thanks



Thank you Kevin for all your advice.I ordered Hokamix Forte and K1 Miracle Coat and the speed of the delivery was excellent. Have been using Hokamix for 2 weeks now and Brena loves it and licks her bowl clean. Her thighs were really bald but I can now see the hair beginning to grow so I am delighted. Have started to add K1 miracle coat and the Velcote so will keep you updated.Thanks again.




I found the order process very easy and straightforward and the delivery was quick and efficient.



Very happy with the service - always prompt delivery and a good food for the dogs. 

Delighted with the little gifts that came with my Xmas order too!

Susan 26/12/17

Holistic Pet Products offer an excellent range of Natural holistic products for dogs and pets. They have a genuine interest in choosing the correct product for your pet and will explain to you how the ingredients work best for your dog.

Holistic Pet Products processed my order  within a day or so.. very happy with the delivery time 

Their products really work and not only treat a certain condition but also treats the general well being of the dog.

I am delighted to recommend Holistic Pet Products to my friends and colleagues. 

Denise 10/7/2017


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Latest Products
Proflax Liver Love Supplement for Dogs

Proflax Liver Love Supplement for DogsFrom:  £13.95

Proflax Liver Love

Proflax Bone & Joint Superfood Supplement for Dogs

Proflax Bone & Joint Superfood Supplement for DogsFrom:  £13.95

Bone & Joint is a 100% natural daily superfood supplement which cares for bone, joint and ligament health whilst providing those essential '5 a day' nutrients to help to keep your dog in the best of physical and emotional health. 
Ideal for active, working or older dogs or those recovering from bone/joint/ligament injury or operation

Proflax Skin & Coat Superfood Supplement for Dogs

Proflax Skin & Coat Superfood Supplement for DogsFrom:  £13.95

Skin & Coat is a daily superfood supplement which helps to soothe itchy sensitive skin, promote a shiny coat, alleviate allergies, reduce

hair shedding and has a calming effect. Provides those essential '5 a day' nutrients to keep your dog in the best of physical and emotional health.

Ideal for dogs that suffer from seasonal allergies, hot spots, excessive paw licking, dry flaky skin, dull coats or moult excessively.

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Sole distributor in the UK & Ireland for Hokamix & grau natural supplements