Schlemmertopfchen Grain free Turkey & Lamb

Schlemmertopfchen Grain free Turkey & Lamb
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High quality cereal-free canned food for adult cats

Our proven Grau Basic Cat Care - Schlemmertöpfchen are particularly characterized by the following advantages:

  • Grain free
  • With chicken with turkey hearts 
  • Processing of fresh meat in food quality
  • No chemical additives such as colour flavourings
  • Very attractive in consistency and taste
  • Very good digestibility
  • Without Soy proteins
Only highly valuable innards with a high nutritional value such as the heart, liver, stomach and rumen (depending on species) are selected.

Depending on the availability of the raw materials, the shares of the individual innards can vary slightly.
However, the quality and the analysis values ​​remain unaffected.

Feeding recommendation:

Weight of the cat / feed rate per day
2 - 3 kg / 140 - 240 g
3 - 5 kg / 210 - 400 g
5 - 7 kg / 350 - 560 g


Meat and offal (turkeys at least 40%, lamb at least 28%), meat broth, calcium carbonate

Analytical components:

Crude protein 10.1%, crude oils and fats 5.6%, crude fiber 0.4%,
raw ash 1.7%, moisture 80.0%, calcium 0.3%, phosphorus 0.19%, magnesium 0.017%

Nutritional physiological additives per kg:

(Monohydrate) 1.3 mg, manganese as manganese (II) sulfate (monohydrate) 1.4 mg, manganese as manganese (II) sulfate (monohydrate) Iodine as potassium iodide 0.5 mg

Technological additives per kg: 

Cassia-Gum 1200 mg


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