Trink Gelatine with Biotin

Trink Gelatine with Biotin
 Trink Gelatine with BiotinTrink Gelatine with Biotin 
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Drinking gelatin

Replaces joint lubrication and improves mobility.

Drinking gelatine (powder):

  • Especially for older dogs
  • Replaces the joint fluid
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Improves mobility
  • Brings relief after about 3 weeks


Gelatin is, as studies in human medicine, an excellent nutritional supplement, which can replace joint lubrication.

Our highly purified, tasteless-neutral gelatin powder can be dissolved in the drinking water or spread over the food.

Even a small daily dose brings about a noticeable relief in the movement of the dog within approx. 3 to 4 weeks.

Drinking gelatine alleviates existing problems, but also supports the aging organism.

 Given 1 to 2 times a year, it helps prevent age-related symptoms such as stiffness of the joints and painful movement.


Dissolve in drinking water or mix with food. 

Small dogs 5 to 10 kg  5g daily
medium-sized dogs 10 to 25 kg  7g daily
large dogs over 25 kg 10g daily

gelatin, calcium carbonate

Analytical ingredients: 
Crude protein 92.90%, raw ash 2.10%, moisture 3.90%, calcium 1.00% 

Additives per kg:
vitamin C 1200 mg, vitamin E 180 mg, niacin 240 mg, pantothenic acid 90 mg, vitamin B6 21 mg, vitamin B2 21 mg, vitamin B1 17 mg, folic acid 3 mg, biotin 800 μg, vitamin B12 38 μg  :

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