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UK Delivery Information


Channel Islands - Jersey

Shipments to Jersey are charged without VAT -

Shipments will be sent using Incoterm20 DAP for customs purposes

Delivery  costs paid, customs clearance costs, customs duties and taxes unpaid – the sender pays for freight only, the customer bears all other costs.

Vat , Duties and GST if applicable , will need to be paid to the courier on behalf of customs before delivery


UNITED KINGDOM (Mainland) Excluding Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands & Isle of Man

All our United Kingdom orders are shipped from our warehouse in Ireland via GLS couriers and forwarded to Parcelforce UK for delivery.

Due to UK leaving the EU on the 1st January 2021 and becoming a third country for customs purposes 

Shipping a parcel to the UK from our warehouse in Ireland is no longer a simple matter .

We have no choice but to pass on charges that are now in effect, to be able to continue to process parcels for delivery to the UK

As of 1st January 2021 the following changes have come into effect 

Included in the delivery charge , will be an additional courier handling fee and Export and Import customs administration fees of £1.50 per order

This fee includes

Additional courier handling surcharge

Irish Export customs declaration fee

UK Customs Import declaration fee (Not currently applied by HMRC)

All orders up to a basket value of £135.00 STG will be charged at the UK Vat rate of  20% but are not subject to import duty

This will mean orders up to a value of £135.00 reaching the UK will be Vat Duty and Customs cleared with no additional charges for you to pay when the parcel is delivered .

For orders with a basket value over £135.00 ,

The delivery charges and customs administration fees stay the same , but once the basket value exceeds £135.00 the 20% UK VAT is automatically removed from the invoice .

When your parcel arrives in the UK it will be subject to inspection by HMRC Customs , they will place a valuation on the parcel to determine the amount of  UK Vat and any necessary import duty which could be as much as 8% (estimated)  which you will have to pay to them before the courier will be allowed to deliver the parcel . 


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